Here are some of the Manufacturers that we proudly represent.

We represent some lines in some Territories.

ATCO                                      Flex Duct  NY Only

Berry Plastics                         
Nashua/PolykenFoil and Cloth HVAC Tapes

Electro Industries                    Electric Make Up air , Duct Heaters, and Boilers

Embraco                                Fractional Compressors, Condensing Units and
                                            Bristol Compressors

Intermatic/Grasslin Controls  Mechanical and Electronic  Defrost Controls and Timers

Harris Products Group          Brazing and Soldering Alloys and Torches

IO Systems                             Temp Stats and other HVAC Controls

JB Industries                          Vacuum Pumps Manifolds, Hoses, Access Fittings and Tools

MA-Line                                  Supplier of Specialty products for the HVAC/R, Appliance
                                            and Plumbing Markets

Malco Tools                            HVAC Tools for Sheet Metal and Radiant

Perfect Comfort                    PTAC Units New and Replacement units, through the wall
                                              AC units

Refrigeration Technologies  Environmentally friendly Chemicals including Big Blue and

Rectorseal                              Line of specialty HVAC products including EZ-Trap,    
                                              Fortress,  Aspen Pumps, Airtec, and Big Foot

Sealed Unit Parts (Supco)   Hard Starts, Relays, Controls, Tools and Accessories

Sensible Products                The Ultimate in HVAC Tools

Southwire                               Wire Thermostat and Mini Split wire

Spectronics                            Ultraviolet Leak detection lamps and Dyes

Superior Valve Co.               Refrigeration Valves and Brass Shells

Veto Pro Pac                         Veto Tool Bags

Vermette                                 Hand Operated Material Handling Lifts

Wolf Peak                               Edge brand of Safety Glasses including polarized