Who is Gimper IV?

Gimper IV is an independent manufacturers sales representative organization marketing
to the HVAC/R industry. We specialize in providing sales, service,and support on behalf
of our manufacturers to the Wholesale and OEM distribution of Air Conditioning,
Refrigeration, Heating products in the Northeastern region of the United States.

Gimper IV LLC has been servicing this industry since 1999.  The company was formed by
combining  R. B. Forbes and Associates along with Gimper Incorporated.  These two
agencies  located in New England and Upstate New York were in business a combined
thirty three years.  The combination of the two companies has created a dynamic synergy
which continues to allow us to better service our customers to this day.  

We have combined, over 70 years of experience working within the industry as
independent representatives and are proud to say we are proactive enough to look
forward to what is to come of our industry but at the same time wise enough to have
learned from what  precedes us.

What Area Do We Cover?

We proudly represent some of the industry's most exceptional manufacturers in New York,
New England,  New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvannia.

Our territory managers reside in Ballston Spa, NY,  Eastern Massachusetts, Central
Connecticut, Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvannia  provides us with ample
opportunity to maximize our coverage to all of these markets.

What is a Gimper?

There are several historical references to the word Gimper but the one we feel the closest
to is from the World War II era.  The Gimper's were a squadron of fighter pilots assigned
to provide air support to the larger bombers making their way to their various drop zones.  
The name soon became synonymous with "Someone who watches over".  While not
nearly as dramatic we'd like to believe,  we provide critical support in our own right.  The
Gimper's also happened to be Dave Clark's social fraternity in college.

Where Does the IV Come From?

During the original merge we wanted to somehow keep the positive association people
had with R B Forbes.  As there are four of us we ended up killing two birds with one
stone.  We just left off the "bes" as no one could pronounce Gimper IVbes.